Friday, April 23, 2010

IF: ahead

This is actually an ATC. I made it when I was at my grandmother's, and I was at my grandmother's because my grandfather passed away on April 14th. So this is dedicated to him. The journey he made through life was difficult the last few years and I hope that the journey ahead will give him joy and peace, because he needed both.

Rest in happy peace, grandfather.

Watercolor, ink.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Whimsical Masks

Had some more ATC fun. Gosh, I just love that size (2,5" x 3,5")! It's not unworkable tiny, but also not unworkable huge. Lol. I have always loved working small sizes and this is just great!

Did some whimsical masks. Hope you like them!

Watercolor, ink, gel pens.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

ATC letterset


Went nuts with my ATC scans and decided to design my own letterset. I had 10 printed and they arrived this week. Fun stuff! I may make more lettersets in the future.

IF: linked

Made another image for Illustration Friday. The theme is linked.

My intention for this image was to raise questions:

  • Are they linked literally or metaphorically?
  • If this is a matter of cop vs. robber, who is who?
  • Is this a happy linking or a sad one?
  • Etc.

I hope you like it!

Watercolor, ink, gel pen

Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Three-Parter

Did another one! Had so much fun making the last one, so I thought, why not? Lol.

Watercolor, ink, gel pens

IF: dip

Made these ATCs for the Exquisite Body Swap at, but it fits the IF theme of this week as well, so why not combine!

Question is, did she take a dip in the ocean, the swimming pool or the bathtub? And why is she so shocked?

The idea of the swap was to create a head, body&arms, and legs&feet and when the hosts has all of them, she'll swap them around to create even better bodies! How cool is that! I had so much fun making this poor girl, it should be illegal, lol.

For the record, these are three separate ATCs, combined they make up the girl.

Watercolor, ink, gel pens.

For good measure, the entire thing:


I made a mutant!
Yes, a mutant. I combined three animals into one. Had so much fun doing this! You can read about it in ArtTrader Magazine issue #9. So much fun!

Below are my thought process and the final result.


Adobe Illustrator for the process and watercolor, ink, and gel pens for the ATC.