Sunday, June 29, 2008


Two more images! I got new copic markers this weekend, and I figured I'd try them out. I liked the result, but of course I need to improve big time. It's not near as good as I want it to be. Anyway, here they are!

This girl I tried the markers on. However, I tweaked this particular image in Photoshop, since the scan did the image no justice... She had an ear-job, since the original was way too small and too high up, and I smugded her skin. The scan showed too much grain where I colored the image with the Prismacolor pencils. Oh well. It looks okay, now, and I definitely need to practice more with those markers. They're fun, though!

Same girl. (I dubbed her NoName, since I wouldn't know her name, who knows, maybe she'll tell me some time, maybe she won't. Maybe the name NoName has a story within itself). Anyway, did this with my pens and Prisma's and greys for the background and kicked-up person, lol. I like how she's in color and the rest isn't... Maybe I'll do more of her.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mister Chef

Lol! Something I just had to share... I have these flashes in my head sometimes, right before I fall asleep. They show me images of the weirdest things. I'm not quite sure whether I'm already dreaming at that moment or whether it's something else. Anyway, last night I came up with this image, and I just drew it in Tegaki (which is an art community online where you draw via an online system, I think it's much like Oekaki, though I'm not too familiar with Oekaki...). I was fairly happy with the outcome, it actually looks like what I saw. So here it is!

Strangest thing, though, I have absolutely nothing with cooks or chefs or whatever! Where on earth did this flash come from?!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Snow! (in Summer...)

Another landscape! Yay! And just because I was beginning to miss people, I also drew a character.

Yeah, well, not much to say. Again, the design is from that same pastel book as my other pastel drawing. I just want to practice a bit first, before I use my own pictures and things, although maybe I could give it a go, now. We'll see. Lol.

This figure was inspired by a scene from NCIS. Season 3, where Gibbs is in the hospital after an explosion and people are pressuring him (he has memory loss). He gets a fit of some sort and shouts that he misses his wife and child (who both died before the actual beginning of series, so it's a memory). I thought the acting by Mark Harmon was absolutely stunning. Seriously, amazing how he can portray such pain, without actually feeling it. So yeah, that's why the colors in this one are hospital-like. I did this one in watercolors, colored ink, and my wonderful new Prismacolor pencils. Just love 'em!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Got two more sketches. Nothing special, though.

A sketch of my parents' living room. Not very exciting or anything, but it's good practice. Originally in blue again and traced in Photoshop, just like the sketch of my brother's room.

This is your average circular room... It's a room I came up with after having done those two room sketches. I fixed one of the beams in Photoshop, which I think you can tell, but the original one was... well, off, I guess. It looked weird (even for this room). I'm not sure who lives here, though. My guess is that's a girl or woman (what guy would have a mirror in his living room and pictures of people [parents?] on his wall?). Anyway, she obviously likes circles and spheres! Lol.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Landscapes and such

At the moment I'm in a landscape/background/lay-out/setting kind of mood (whatever you want to call it, I'm confused too). It's a pretty rare thing, because I (used to) hate landscapes, but I was told I had too little of 'em (well, duh, they're tedious...). So yeah, I decided to pick up on that advice and go ahead and draw some. It's all beginners' stuff, though, so go easy on me, kay?

I'm fairly happy with this one. It's my brother's old room at my parents' house. The original is better, though, that one is made with non-photo blue colored pencil, but since it's non-photo, it shows poorly after scanning. And boy! Never thought drawing straight lines in Photoshop would be so hard! Geez!

This one I'm happy with as well, though the design is not mine. I made it based on a drawing in a 'how to' pastel book. It's something new (for me, that is) I discovered a while ago, pastels. They're fun! I think the paper in this one sucks, though, the grain (I think it's called) is too rough. But oh well. Anyway, it's a sunset in a, for me, unknown place.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dr. Mallard I presume?

All right then! This sketch was the second try in drawing Ducky without a reference after the traces in my previous post. (I guess I'm spamming after all..). Though it's not really, really good or alike, I do like it. And trust me, it's waaaaay better than the first try after the traces. That one sucked big time! So yeah, I'm getting the hang of the digital stuff, too, lol. Enjoy!

Edit: Okay, I've checked back a few times and compared this one to the traces, and no, he ab-so-lutely does not look like doc. Mallard... Bummer. I suppose I'll have to try again (and again and again). But that's the fun part about practice, eventually it will work...

NCIS Continued

Muhahaha! Finally, getting back to my NCIS comic! I copied a Marvel Comics comic template from an original comic page I bought on a comic con here in the Netherlands, so I've got 'official' sizes and stuff like that now. Can't wait to get started! Yay!

Well, anyway, I kind of already did. I was trying out a design for Ducky in my sketch book, but failed miserably. That's when I decided to trace a few pictures of him digitally, to practice and make him actually look like Ducky. When I'm done with that, I'll try some designs and pick the best. Of course, the same thing has to be done for Gerald, Ari, Gibbs... well, the whole lot of them. But my first page (which I've got set up already, frame-wise, I'm impatient like that) will just include Ducky and Gerald, so after them, I can get started. Double Yay!

So here we are, my first trace of Ducky, done in about 5 minutes (probably less, though, I wasn't paying attention to the time, but you know, tracing's easy). His teeth/mouth look funny... Hm, I sure need to trace a few more to get it right, that's for sure.

And here we have the original picture, which I took from this place.

And one more. I added these to this post later, in an edit. It just feels wrong to spam this blog with new posts everytime I've got something... lol.
Added a bit of color. A tiny bit... oh well, I kinda like it.

This is the pic I traced. Got it from over here.

Disclaimer: just to be sure, pics are not mine! (And I don't know the names of the rightful owners either).

Monday, June 16, 2008

On the Run?

Some digital stuff again! This comic was made for a Dutch doujinshi circle, which, in short, is amature manga made by... wel... amatures who are a fan of manga/anime. This particular circle, Open Minded, is publishing a Summer Special soon, so that's what this is for. Since the book will be in Dutch, the originals were in Dutch, but I changed it for my own site. Hope you like it!

Okay, I just noticed I forgot to insert the title in this English version. Oh well. The title is the same as the title of this blog post. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Finally! Some new stuff. Apologies for those (very few) people who've been checking back regurlarly, lol, but I couldn't draw more, since I'm also working on my Bachelor Thesis and a comic thing, and a take-home exam for my Master's... Yeah, I know, Summer hasn't even started yet and I'm doing an exam for next year. Drives me crazy, trust me.

Anyway, like I said, some new stuff. Two new drawings, to be exact. And please, please, hold back your comments about the feet, because they suck big time and I'm well aware of it. In both freakin' drawings! What's up with me and feet these days??

This one was inspired by several things. First off I read somewhere that an actor from NCIS, Micheal Weatherly, has an eleven-year-old son. I thought it was cute and this image came to mind (hence their looks, I suppose). Second the song Father and Son by Alain Clark. Though I'm not a son, I love the song, haha.

An adventurous drawing, based on the quote you can find in the lower left corner. For those who can't read it, it says:

"I had ambition not only to go
farther than anyone had ever been,
but as far as it was possible to go"
- Captain James Cook

I gave her a story, too. She's on a quest for some rich king or landlord, or other wealthy man. Her assignment is to find little packages scattered all over the world. When she has collected all twelve of them, she has to return and hand them over. She doesn't know what's in them, but it pays well enough not to ask.
Of course, there's more to it, but maybe I'll tell you later, not now... muhahaha.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Ha! Finally another drawing. This time with help of my new Prismacolors. I love them so much. Lol.

Anyway, here's a girl contemplating in her chair. This one is how the drawing is and then scanned. The next one, however,

is with an added background in Photoshop. I know, it's pretty lazy, but oh well. I kinda like it.