Thursday, January 29, 2009

SGA comic

Fan comic for Stargate Atlantis (SGA). The characters you see here are Rodney McKay and John Sheppard.

It was actually quite funny, because I started with that pic of Sheppard lying down, hurt. More because I wanted to try that pose in this style than anything else (and gosh, it took me about 50 tries and there's still room for improvement..) and then I simply drew two squares above him lying there. So I worked from that central drawing on, without having a story or whatever in my mind. It's lots of fun doing it this way. From here I can work backwards or forward, whatever I want. Yay!

Also, I tried to make every frame a tiny piece of artwork, not only a comic frame. I did that for my own pleasure, but also as a tribute to the makers of the series, who make the final production such an awesome piece of art to look at.
Anyway, that's why there's some collage in there, as well as colored pencil and ink and different usage of lines. Oh, and a tiny bit of waterpaint for the stars in the first frame (though the scanner sort of killed those, but they're there, trust me. There's a lot of more stars to the sky than you think..).

So yeah, enjoy!

Stargate Atalantis (c) MGM

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

IF expired ones

Well, I was going to try and enter these for IF, but I didn't make the deadlines, so here they are:

This topic's was 'Pale' and I think the picture speaks for itself..

Here the topic was 'Contained' and the linguist in me wondered why that was written in the past tense. So an image sprang from that, a collage playing with the words contain, contains, container and, of cours, contained. Why the can is broken instead of spraying? I'm not sure, but it certainly is easier composition-wise... Lol.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

IF: climbing

My first entry for Illustration Friday (IF). This weeks topic was 'climbing,' so here we go.

My brother is an expert in rock climbing and I'm sure he can find many, many things wrong with this picture (the position of the rope, the harness, the (lack of) knots, the position of the climber, the hook... and so on, lol), but I still dedicate this picture to him.

Here you are, Jan, this is (for) you :-P

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stargate Atlantis and Sketch Dump II

More drawings! Finally! That is to say, some sketches and a couple of drawings.
I'm currently re-viewing my Stargate Atlantis DVDs and I got inspired also by several cartoons on the telly and fellow artists on deviantArt. So, mix 'em all together and the following drawings/sketches are what you get! Lol.

I like how they all came out. Hope you enjoy them too!

Stargate Atlantis (c) MGM

All of these sketches are Daniel, my character from ARC.
Inspired by Pokémon and Danny Phantom, both of which I do not own (no clue who does, though).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 and Daniel again

Another update!
I just noticed that I updated once (!) in December. Shame on me! I suck, I know. But here we are, the start of a new month and even a new year! So happy new year to everyone! I hope everything will go well in 2009.

Anyway, I drew Daniel of ARC again. Sorry, I simply love him. That's the first time I've created a character that I like so much that I draw him all the time. Lol. Well, hopefully I won't neglect the others (too much), hehehe.

But yeah, enough blabbering, enjoy!

The line art! Not much to say, really. I got the pose from a fashion drawing book and the costume, which is from the 17th century, from a costume book (I love my reference library). Daniel usually doesn't wear this, mind you, this is more for my entertainment than his... *evil grin* I used black ink for this (duh).

The colored version! I used several techniques for this one: watercolors, black ink, colored pencils (Prisma) and scrapbook materials (plus glue, obviously). I like how it turned out!