Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 and Daniel again

Another update!
I just noticed that I updated once (!) in December. Shame on me! I suck, I know. But here we are, the start of a new month and even a new year! So happy new year to everyone! I hope everything will go well in 2009.

Anyway, I drew Daniel of ARC again. Sorry, I simply love him. That's the first time I've created a character that I like so much that I draw him all the time. Lol. Well, hopefully I won't neglect the others (too much), hehehe.

But yeah, enough blabbering, enjoy!

The line art! Not much to say, really. I got the pose from a fashion drawing book and the costume, which is from the 17th century, from a costume book (I love my reference library). Daniel usually doesn't wear this, mind you, this is more for my entertainment than his... *evil grin* I used black ink for this (duh).

The colored version! I used several techniques for this one: watercolors, black ink, colored pencils (Prisma) and scrapbook materials (plus glue, obviously). I like how it turned out!


Lotte said...

I love the colored version, it's really good :D

Gina said...

Thanks! And thanks for the comment :)