Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween and art-a-thon

More art-a-thon art! Love doing this!

Bookmark, acrylics

ATC, acrylics

ATC, acrylics

Friday, October 28, 2011

Learned something new today...

...Namely PATs and Art-A-Thons... Hilarious.

Joined a PAT (Pick-A-Theme swaps, who knew?) and my group had the subjects Mermaid, Snow Queen, Steampunk Girl and Green Nature Goddess, so I went all out with my acrylics and love for children's illustrations.

Also joined an art-a-thon (marathon for arts... don't ask, okay?) at The theme is Halloween/fall and it's so much fun already! Here are two of the cards I've made so far. Done with acrylics.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cartoons, lips and more

Joined some more swaps on both ATC websites. Simply love doing that. The practice, the incentive, the themes, it's all wonderful to do!

Favorite cartoon swap: Captain Planet (watercolor), The Land Before Time (Platvoet en z'n vriendjes), Barbalib (Barbabientje) and, of course, Tom & Jerry (last three - acrylics)

Another bookmarker for the swap I posted about earlier. Watercolor this time.

Day of the Dead swap. Loved doing these! So fun to work on. Copic markers, gel pen and colored pencil

A lips swap. So much fun! I tried out different techniques with this swap and quite like the results, though I do need more soft pastel practice (upper right). Acrylics, soft pastel, colored pencil and Copic markers