Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Meet Daniel, Aaron, and Michael of A.R.C.

You are now 500 years in the future, the year is 2508. Earth is pretty much dealing with the same problems as it is now: environment, overcrowdedness (is that a word?), politics, ethnics, ..., and accidents. However, all these problems happen on different levels now. Wait, accidents? Yes, accidents, just not on the ground, more so in the air and in space. Cars have been replaced by flying vehicles which can go in the air or in space and are very useful things. Except, of course, when you crash into one another...
A.R.C. stands for Aero Research Center. Aaron, Michael, and Daniel are part of a team which researches these accidents (or 'accidents') and tries to figure out what happened. Of course, they come across bad guys and other evilness, so they know their ways around guns and other sorts of fun stuff.

Daniel is based on a friend of mine and one of my favorite actors, Michael Shanks. He's your typical gay guy with lots of dry humor and sarcasm.

Aaron is an African American and old veteran. His past is troubled and he is determined to solve every accident out there, even if that means he has to do so at the expense of certain people.

Michael is a very cheerful young man and pilots the vehicle the team uses to visit the accident site/crime scenes. He is so cheerful, one wonders whether it's not just a mask he's wearing...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Atlantis All the Way!

Finally! Some drawings! Though I admit they are not much, it's always better than nothing. Here we go!

Of the three, I like this one best. Though it might be wise not to say this on the Internet, I made this during college... Sorry! It was fun though.
He, like the other two, is based on Ronon Dex from Stargate Atlantis.

The first of these three that I made. I know, the order in which I put them doesn't make sense, but oh well. I like this one least, but enough to put him up here. He, too, is based on Ronon.

This one was actually drawn with help of a reference picture of Ronon. He looks best in terms of looking like the actual character, but I see too many flaws with the picture (the pose is off, his vest is all wrong! Gah! I do like the pants though..) itself...

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Okay, this is, yet another, post without any pictures/drawings. I'm very ashamed to do it, but I figured I could no longer go without posting, but I don't have any drawings to go with it. So there, another post without a drawing.

I've been very busy the past few weeks. With university, for one, because my grades pretty much suck and I hate it when that happens, so I had to work hard and kick some asses, but it worked! That is, I got one good grade now, let's hope it's a continuing trend.

Other than that I've been busy around the house. Doing some very necessary chores like re-styling the downstairs toilet. It turned out pretty good, actually, and now I'm no longer afraid to go to the bathroom downstairs, in my own home, which I was before. Sad, eh? Oh well, it's fixed now. But yeah, that took a while and quite a chunk of my precious time.

So! Not much else to say. It's pretty boring over here now...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Backward Changes

Well, as you can see I changed my banner back into the old one. Not that I disliked the new one, but it wasn't really designed for this weblog. This blog is called Sjors, after all.

And as you can see as well, I added links to my blog and one of them is another blog. It is a Dutch one, just so you know, but for those who can read it, it should be fun. Lol. It has short columns on it; to improve my language skills and just for fun. So go check it out!

(Wow, I think this was my shortest post ever! It's more of an announcement, anyway)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Card and fashion design

Yay! I finally made some new things! I'm quite busy with college and everything, so drawing/creative moments are rare. However, they never disappear entirely, so here we go!

A card design for a baby of a friend of mine. She is expecting her second. For her first son I also designed the card (a sheep) and in this design he comes back as well. Big brother and everything, lol. Anyway, for the new baby they wanted a fish design, so here it is!

A card design for no one in particular. This one's a birthday card.

A card design for a 'With sympathy' card. I chose a butterfly because it symbolizes the spirit or soul.

And last but not least, a fashion illustration! Yay! This one was a lot of fun to do. I used a pose from a fashion book I have and made it my own. The shirt and skirt were cut from scrapbook paper I bought at a hobby store. I liked doing it and how it came out. More to come (hopefully, lol)!