Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gina Huizinga (lol)

I did it! I started my own little company! I'm very happy with it and, despite the fact that most of it will be about translation, I hope that, in the long run, I can do some design as well. To emphasize that last point, I redesigned my own logo. For copyright reasons I was not allowed to use the name I had planned for my company, namely Sjors, as this weblog. I chose the savest one, my own name. So now I own a company called Gina Huizinga... Lol. Very exciting event with a very boring name, but it'll do. Anyway, I decided I needed to tweek my logo a little bit for that reason, plus the fact that I'm translating more than designing. So here it is, my new design! I'll see if I can reconfigure this site's banner as well... Would be good.

The text in this image refers to 'woord en beeld,' a common combination of words used in the Netherlands. Translated it means 'word and image,' hence the -image- of the rabbit, which in itself refers back to my original logo. Done in Adobe Illustrator.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It is rare, I know, but this time I will post something without any drawings. Why? Because of my new discoveries about... the word.

I'm in my final year at the university now and decided to pursue translation as my master. It is a hard study, not only because of the level of difficulty, but also because it has absolutely nothing to do with drawing. Swallow and move on. Yes, but not without a certain amount of regret.
Still, I'm happy with what I'm learning. Translation has everything to do with language, and not just with English, my favorite foreign language, but also with Dutch, my mother's tongue. After my 16th year, I never appreciated Dutch enough. Now I'm finally getting back to finding the value of the language I learned when I was a child. And I like it. I will never stop thinking or writing or reading in English, but I will stop liking English over Dutch. The beauty of translating is a link between those two languages, and I love it.
I also love the fact that translation has everything to do with words and texts and communication. I'm simply falling in love with it.

I doesn't matter if you write them, type them, read them, or think them, words are beautiful things.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meet Michael the Pilot

Yay! I made a pilot! Lol. I bought some screentones the other day (screentones are those sheets with black/grey/white dots or patterns that mangaka use for their black&white manga) and decided to experiment. This is the result! His name is Michael and he's the pilot of a futuristic vessel that I still have to design. But I can feel a story coming, so stay tuned.

Anyway, I'm happy with it, hopefully you'll like it too!
Oh, on a side note, I did the mouth and chin schadow digitally, because I screwed the real thing up...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Early in the Mornin'

Geez, never thought I could get up so early, lol. Ah well, I'm a little nervous, I suppose. You know, for 'school.' Starting a new one today. I feel like a freshman... Still, before I go I have some more drawings. Enjoy!

Tried this one on new paper. The paper isn't good for wet mediums (watercolors and such), but it works for markers and pencils. This manga figure was made with just those.

Wonder Woman with guns?! Lol, no, just someone who likes to hold pistols and dress up wei... uh, nice. Tried this one out myself, without reference, which is why it's a little off. Markers again.

A pose I stole from a fashion book. I really liked the pose, but made the girl and clothes myself. Markers again.