Thursday, September 4, 2008

Early in the Mornin'

Geez, never thought I could get up so early, lol. Ah well, I'm a little nervous, I suppose. You know, for 'school.' Starting a new one today. I feel like a freshman... Still, before I go I have some more drawings. Enjoy!

Tried this one on new paper. The paper isn't good for wet mediums (watercolors and such), but it works for markers and pencils. This manga figure was made with just those.

Wonder Woman with guns?! Lol, no, just someone who likes to hold pistols and dress up wei... uh, nice. Tried this one out myself, without reference, which is why it's a little off. Markers again.

A pose I stole from a fashion book. I really liked the pose, but made the girl and clothes myself. Markers again.


Lotte said...

woohoo, like them all again! Although I can't really seem to make out if the first one is a boy or a girl, lol ;)

You'll be fine in your new school!! And if know where to find us! :p

radiogaga80 said...

I'm with Lotte - great drawings! And eh... Let them smell a poopie there in Utrèg! ;-)

Saskia said...

Like them as well. And, good luck in Utrecht! I second Lotte, you can always come back :)

Gina said...

Lol, thanks you guys. It was okay today, a lot of new impressions and people and so I'm pretty tired, but satisfied, too, it was good! Hopefully the rest of the year will be just like it, then I can't complain.
Oh, and Lotte, the first one's supposed to be a boy ;)
And I'll always come back, just so you all know :P Until I drive you nuts, lol.