Sunday, September 14, 2008


It is rare, I know, but this time I will post something without any drawings. Why? Because of my new discoveries about... the word.

I'm in my final year at the university now and decided to pursue translation as my master. It is a hard study, not only because of the level of difficulty, but also because it has absolutely nothing to do with drawing. Swallow and move on. Yes, but not without a certain amount of regret.
Still, I'm happy with what I'm learning. Translation has everything to do with language, and not just with English, my favorite foreign language, but also with Dutch, my mother's tongue. After my 16th year, I never appreciated Dutch enough. Now I'm finally getting back to finding the value of the language I learned when I was a child. And I like it. I will never stop thinking or writing or reading in English, but I will stop liking English over Dutch. The beauty of translating is a link between those two languages, and I love it.
I also love the fact that translation has everything to do with words and texts and communication. I'm simply falling in love with it.

I doesn't matter if you write them, type them, read them, or think them, words are beautiful things.


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Nicely put.

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I a certain extent :p lol.