Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gina Huizinga (lol)

I did it! I started my own little company! I'm very happy with it and, despite the fact that most of it will be about translation, I hope that, in the long run, I can do some design as well. To emphasize that last point, I redesigned my own logo. For copyright reasons I was not allowed to use the name I had planned for my company, namely Sjors, as this weblog. I chose the savest one, my own name. So now I own a company called Gina Huizinga... Lol. Very exciting event with a very boring name, but it'll do. Anyway, I decided I needed to tweek my logo a little bit for that reason, plus the fact that I'm translating more than designing. So here it is, my new design! I'll see if I can reconfigure this site's banner as well... Would be good.

The text in this image refers to 'woord en beeld,' a common combination of words used in the Netherlands. Translated it means 'word and image,' hence the -image- of the rabbit, which in itself refers back to my original logo. Done in Adobe Illustrator.


Lotte said...

Wohoo that's so exciting!! I do think you need a proper website though...because a blog is not really professional I guess :) Other that that, great logo and I hope you'll be getting lots of people wanting to use your services :)

Gina said...

And about that site, I know, I really do need a new/better one, but I have no knowledge of webdesign whatsoever, so that makes it kind of difficult... I really don't know where to begin, lol.

lifeisdreaming said...

Congratulations!!!!!! Exciting step!! And I'm really glad you're keeping your design ambitions in your life. Love the logo, am really happy for you! Although I do agree with Lotte that your own website would be good. Have any website developer friends? Or maybe it's time for a crash course in HTML..

Lotte said...

You know I've already kinda offered my services many times when it comes to that just have to shout and I will help you out (and that totally rimes :p)

Gina said...

@saskia: Thank you! I'm really happy about it, too :D I really hope it'll grow into something nice. Lol.

Lol. I would really appreciate some help. I would like to be there, though, when you start working on it, so I can learn a thing or two. But if you don't want to, then never mind. Anyway, I still need a domaing thingy plus I'm really busy with homework right now, so it'll have to wait. But we'll discuss it some more tonight ;)

radiogaga80 said...

Heya! Congrats on the new company! (I'm late, I know!) Love the new logo - sums you up perfectely. :)
As for the website... I think you actually can use a blog instead of a site as long as you keep things professional or work-orientated. Like this one: