Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Out of titles...

Well, I made a few more drawings I'm reasonably happy with. They're far from perfect (everything is), but they'll do.

This is some experimenting with present and past/flashback in comic form. I was wondering how I could pull it off, so I made up a scene, duplicated it and made one present and one past (in my view, anyway). I think it turned out okay, actually. But maybe sepia will work beter.

A guy stalking a bad guy with his gun. Nothing special, really.

A prostitute is found dead and her murder needs to be investigated. And yes, it's the same guy as the one stalking, above. Not too happy with the perspective or the woman, but I like how he turned out.

An angry young man, pointing down. What's that he's pointing at, I wonder?

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well, a few more doodles from me. Hope you like 'em!

These girls I made inspired by several things. First of all my interest in guns and military stuff (which shows by my favorite TV shows; Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, and NCIS). And secondly by some of the many drawing books I have in my bookcase (just love those, I'm actually a collector).

This funny little guy is called SnowMan and is usually accompanied by his SnowDog. I developed SnowMan in Switzerland, where I was on skiing holiday and saw a shape that made me come up with this fellow. The dog I developed later, when I decided to develop the character and his story more. Turns out he and his dog are desperately looking for snow...

And last but not least, another shape-inspired creation from Switzerland. I looked out of the window of our apartment and saw a skilift in the distance. Of course, from far away you hardly see any details, I could barely make out the ropes. Anyway, it reminded me of a robot, not unlike Johnny no. 5. So there it is! Enjoy!

Friday, April 18, 2008


So! Another update, and a new drawing. Just finished this one and felt like posting it because I'm happy with it.

Meet Abby, the forensic scientist of NCIS, as portrayed by Pauley Perrette. Love this character!


I decided to only post those works here I'm proud of at the moment. It varies, I admit. I can be proud when I've just finished something, but throw it away (figuratively) as useless a while later. I think of myself as critical, but I suppose that depends on your point of view.

Anyway, I wrote this short piece a while ago, edited it just now and feel like posting it. I guess I'm happy enough with it, though I know improvement is always possible.

Please note: this is something that came to my mind once, nothing is based on my own experiences or experiences of family/friends I know of. It's fictious!


Dazed, she walked down the street. It was dark, little people were around, but she hardly noticed. Her eyes focused on a point not too far from her head, she kept on walking and kept not noticing.

The sound of sirens came from somewhere. It wasn’t far away, but not very close either. She heard it, but it didn’t get through to her. Her brains simply didn’t register. Still dazed, she kept on going, without looking back, without even looking forward.

Headlights of cars coming in her direction blinded her. She didn’t care and kept on walking.

Not much later it started raining. Not pouring, but a slight drizzle that would soak her in not longer than half an hour. She hardly noticed how the weight of the water made her hair heavy and fall down to her shoulders in wet strings.

It hurt. It hurt for her to walk, everything hurt, yet she kept going, never stopping.

Dazed, exhausted, she walked and turned a corner. The street she entered was a busy one, though she didn’t register this. People walked past her, but didn’t see, nor did she see them.

Another corner, she kept on walking, kept on going, never slowed down. She passed closed shops, crowded snack bars and dark houses.

Farther and farther she went. Turning corners, crossing roads, crossing a canal, going through a park.

She didn’t see any of it. Her eyes were glazed, unfocused.

Another street, more houses, big houses, rich houses.

Nothing ever reached her.

Walking through a small park, passing tiny homes, shacks, poor people, junkies, burning trash cans.

Somewhere far away the thunder crashed. A rainstorm was coming this way.

Faster and faster she went.

Until she bumped into him.

An old man, shaggy looking. He had a grey beard, it was dirty, he was dirty. He smelled awful, yet she still didn't notice her surroundings. He looked at her. He saw her. In his brain it did register.

What is wrong?” he asked in a low, soft and friendly voice.

She blinked, looked into the man’s eyes. The glaze left her eyes. She saw him too, now.

I,” she began,

I was raped.”

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here you go, a drawing by me. It's actually just a sketch, though pretty much final and everything. Still, it's in one of my dummies, one of them cheap sketchbooks I use for everyday drawings and sketches and mainly just coming up with ideas. So yeah, can't exactly call it a final, but it will do.

I am planning, however, to put more final stuff on this site, since it is supposed to promote me (yes, duh, that's what the Internet is mainly about, right?). I talked about blogs with a friend of mine once. We wondered what was up with people these days to spill there lives out in public (granted, not just the Net, but it certainly has a big part in it) and see, now I'm doing it myself. Oh well, people can change, right? Besides, I'm not spilling out my life, I'm promoting myself! *promote, promote*

Anyway, behold! My drawing! More to come, too!

All the best,


I'll do this in English, simply because I seem to be better in expressing myself in English. Always have, don't ask me why. No surprise then that I am a translator (English-Dutch, Dutch-English) and love it. Not only do I like the languages, but also what I learn from the texts I translate. I have always been a curious girl, asking many questions. Some would say too many, but I think no one can ever ask too much.

Anyway, on this blog I tend to post my writings and drawings, since I love both and feel I should not be afraid sharing them. So there you go, my first piece of writing here, my first post.

All the best,