Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here you go, a drawing by me. It's actually just a sketch, though pretty much final and everything. Still, it's in one of my dummies, one of them cheap sketchbooks I use for everyday drawings and sketches and mainly just coming up with ideas. So yeah, can't exactly call it a final, but it will do.

I am planning, however, to put more final stuff on this site, since it is supposed to promote me (yes, duh, that's what the Internet is mainly about, right?). I talked about blogs with a friend of mine once. We wondered what was up with people these days to spill there lives out in public (granted, not just the Net, but it certainly has a big part in it) and see, now I'm doing it myself. Oh well, people can change, right? Besides, I'm not spilling out my life, I'm promoting myself! *promote, promote*

Anyway, behold! My drawing! More to come, too!

All the best,

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