Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Out of titles...

Well, I made a few more drawings I'm reasonably happy with. They're far from perfect (everything is), but they'll do.

This is some experimenting with present and past/flashback in comic form. I was wondering how I could pull it off, so I made up a scene, duplicated it and made one present and one past (in my view, anyway). I think it turned out okay, actually. But maybe sepia will work beter.

A guy stalking a bad guy with his gun. Nothing special, really.

A prostitute is found dead and her murder needs to be investigated. And yes, it's the same guy as the one stalking, above. Not too happy with the perspective or the woman, but I like how he turned out.

An angry young man, pointing down. What's that he's pointing at, I wonder?

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