Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stargate Atlantis and Sketch Dump II

More drawings! Finally! That is to say, some sketches and a couple of drawings.
I'm currently re-viewing my Stargate Atlantis DVDs and I got inspired also by several cartoons on the telly and fellow artists on deviantArt. So, mix 'em all together and the following drawings/sketches are what you get! Lol.

I like how they all came out. Hope you enjoy them too!

Stargate Atlantis (c) MGM

All of these sketches are Daniel, my character from ARC.
Inspired by Pokémon and Danny Phantom, both of which I do not own (no clue who does, though).


Lotte said...

I like Ronon best! He's angry, but I think his face is really interesting :)
Ehm and Sheppard...well, the line of his beard (I asume that is what it is) looks like the line of a oxygen IV lol (or however that is called)

Gina said...

Haha, yeah, that line on Sheppard was supposed to be thinner, but I used a dip pen and waterproof ink, so it was rather hard to predict how thick the line would be. It turned out I had dipped the pen in too deep, causing a thicker line. Maybe I'll correct it in photoshop one day ;)
Thanks for the comment!