Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Snow! (in Summer...)

Another landscape! Yay! And just because I was beginning to miss people, I also drew a character.

Yeah, well, not much to say. Again, the design is from that same pastel book as my other pastel drawing. I just want to practice a bit first, before I use my own pictures and things, although maybe I could give it a go, now. We'll see. Lol.

This figure was inspired by a scene from NCIS. Season 3, where Gibbs is in the hospital after an explosion and people are pressuring him (he has memory loss). He gets a fit of some sort and shouts that he misses his wife and child (who both died before the actual beginning of series, so it's a memory). I thought the acting by Mark Harmon was absolutely stunning. Seriously, amazing how he can portray such pain, without actually feeling it. So yeah, that's why the colors in this one are hospital-like. I did this one in watercolors, colored ink, and my wonderful new Prismacolor pencils. Just love 'em!


Lotte said...

Love the new stuff again!
Do you know Bob Ross? Maybe that's something to look into as well when it comes to practising landscapes and such?

About the second one, I think that actors need to feel the actual pain to let a scene come across real in my opinion he probably did feel the pain, although it was something he invoked himself :)

Gina said...

Thanks for your comment and compliment :D. I know Bob Ross, but he uses oil paints, which is something I want to learn at a later stage, lol. Maybe take a course somewhere, that would be cool. But yeah, I could use his landscapes for inspiration, thanks for the tip!

About the acting. Yeah, maybe he did, I don't know much about his personal life (obviously), so he could've been thinking about something hurtful. Good thinking ;) though it's still hard, I think, to do so on command.