Thursday, June 12, 2008


Finally! Some new stuff. Apologies for those (very few) people who've been checking back regurlarly, lol, but I couldn't draw more, since I'm also working on my Bachelor Thesis and a comic thing, and a take-home exam for my Master's... Yeah, I know, Summer hasn't even started yet and I'm doing an exam for next year. Drives me crazy, trust me.

Anyway, like I said, some new stuff. Two new drawings, to be exact. And please, please, hold back your comments about the feet, because they suck big time and I'm well aware of it. In both freakin' drawings! What's up with me and feet these days??

This one was inspired by several things. First off I read somewhere that an actor from NCIS, Micheal Weatherly, has an eleven-year-old son. I thought it was cute and this image came to mind (hence their looks, I suppose). Second the song Father and Son by Alain Clark. Though I'm not a son, I love the song, haha.

An adventurous drawing, based on the quote you can find in the lower left corner. For those who can't read it, it says:

"I had ambition not only to go
farther than anyone had ever been,
but as far as it was possible to go"
- Captain James Cook

I gave her a story, too. She's on a quest for some rich king or landlord, or other wealthy man. Her assignment is to find little packages scattered all over the world. When she has collected all twelve of them, she has to return and hand them over. She doesn't know what's in them, but it pays well enough not to ask.
Of course, there's more to it, but maybe I'll tell you later, not now... muhahaha.


Lotte said...

Maybe you have a footfetisj :p lol.. No seriously, I don't think they're that bad...I know I can't comment on them, but if you mention it yourself you're drawing attention to it, so I cannot not comment on it :p lol. Anyway, I love the first pic!!! And I like the story with the second pic a lot! (the pictures itself too obviously) So I was wondering, is this the new style that you want your drawings to develop in? Because I can remember that you normally drew in 'straight' lines and now they're all wiggly (is that a word?).

Anonymous said...

If you hadn't said anything about the feet, I wouldn't have noticed...good to see you posting again!