Monday, June 23, 2008

Landscapes and such

At the moment I'm in a landscape/background/lay-out/setting kind of mood (whatever you want to call it, I'm confused too). It's a pretty rare thing, because I (used to) hate landscapes, but I was told I had too little of 'em (well, duh, they're tedious...). So yeah, I decided to pick up on that advice and go ahead and draw some. It's all beginners' stuff, though, so go easy on me, kay?

I'm fairly happy with this one. It's my brother's old room at my parents' house. The original is better, though, that one is made with non-photo blue colored pencil, but since it's non-photo, it shows poorly after scanning. And boy! Never thought drawing straight lines in Photoshop would be so hard! Geez!

This one I'm happy with as well, though the design is not mine. I made it based on a drawing in a 'how to' pastel book. It's something new (for me, that is) I discovered a while ago, pastels. They're fun! I think the paper in this one sucks, though, the grain (I think it's called) is too rough. But oh well. Anyway, it's a sunset in a, for me, unknown place.


Anonymous said...

I like the way you can really see your style in all your pictures. And about that last one, it looks a little French to me..(but what do I know?)

Gina said...

Thanks for your comment! I also like to think I have a style (though I'm in doubt very often). Still, holding on to one particular style isn't good either, I think, because if and when assignments come in, I have to meet the demands of the client. And French, yes, could be. Though the authors of the book are probably from Spain, which is also a good possibility for this picture.

Lotte said...

I love the first one, I love the blueish accents you made :D pretty pretty!

And the second one is amazing as well, something we haven't seen from you yet :D Keep up the good work, I'm enjoying it every day :)

Gina said...

*blush* Haha. Thanks! What a compliments, lol, makes me very shy. I like pastels as well, I'll definitely make more of those! Thanks for you comment!

Lotte said...

To answer your questions on my blog: yeah my dad is a woodworker, but just for hobby...he is retired (was 'cultureel beheerder' in een cultureel centrum, weet bij god niet hoe je dat vertaald in het engels haha) and is making some extra money with making furniture for people and painting houses and stuff. He can basically do anything haha. His dad (so my grandpa) was a furniture maker, so that's where he probably got the talent from :) (watch and learn lol) So when I'm gonna get a place of my own...he's gonna make my diningtable and bookshelves and ... and

The picknick will be upcoming saturday, so I hope the weather will be as great as today...the forecasts are pretty good I suppose :D

And about your text...eehhmmm I don't know which one? lol. I didn't get a reply on my last one though...about your grandma and my translation :) but it's all solved now :D I finished it!
So now this comment has gotten rather long, maybe I should've emaild you instead haha ;)

Gina said...

Lol, I just send you an e-mail and replied at your site... About my grandmother, though, things are going well! She's at my parents now. So I'm happy :)