Thursday, November 13, 2008

Creative with Photoshop

I'm baaaaack. From where? you might ask, well, from being busy and sick and, well, I'm still sick, but that's a good excuse to do some art. I have more to come, but wanted to post this first. So here it goes.

It's a tutorial from the magazine Photoshop Creative, because I want to learn the friggin' program and at the moment I suck at it. So there you are... Still, it might be wise to get the hang of it. I'm planning to do more of these tutorials, so this is just a warming-up.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that none of the materials presented in this picture are mine. I got them from the cd that came with the magazine. Even the idea isn't mine, except maybe for some elements. But oh well, I learned how to draw by tracing and drawing from other pictures as well, so who gives, right?



Lotte said...

It's cute!!! Very nice job, especially when it's your first time trying :) Could totally be a layout or wallpaper :)

Gina said...

Lol, it's actually the cover of the magazine ;) But yeah, it could be lots of things. I'll do some more tutorials and then try something of my own. It's just... It's so much work to make all those elements! Lol.

Thanks for the comment!