Friday, February 19, 2010

Some stuff

I have a week vacation at the moment and so I'm in overdrive. Here are some sketches. Nothing special, really, but I still liked to show it.

Again, sorry for the crappy quality, but they're photos instead of scans.

Felt like flying.

Inspired by a Killzone-filled evening yesterday.

This winter, I saw a boy cycling in shorts. Freakin' shorts! Brrr.

This one's a little fuzzy. It's a girl dancing a funky dance. Lol.


Saskia Tielens said...

I've been getting a Quentin Blake vibe from your drawings. Am I seeing stuff or did he influence you? I might just be reading too much Roald Dahl at the moment :)

Lotte said...

I love the 'feels like flying' one. So cute!!!