Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random ATCs

Did some more ATCs. I really love making those tiny cards. Very cool to do.
Most of them are done with watercolor, ink and gel pens, though the latter is not always used.

Summer feet I did for a MMH-thread (Make Me Happy). Someone wanted shoes and so I designed these.

Did this one because I long for summer and sun and warmth.

This was inspired by James Bond. Casino Royale was on the telly the other night. So that's why.

Felt like being nationalistic, haha. I really like how these turned out. The stuff that's sticking out of the clogs is straw, because that's what farmers used in winter to keep their feet (slightly) warmer. The three Xs on the clogs are the weapon of Amsterdam.

Feet inspired by Michael Jackson. On these lasted about 5 minutes before they were traded... Haha.

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