Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and art time! Yay!

Some ATCs I came up with for the Christmas/New Year's art-a-thons at both ATC sites.
Ink, watercolors, gel pens, acrylics

Ballet series with a design I made and liked
Oil pastels, ink, scratching tool (bent paperclip)

The Four Stories (on how certain animals came into being in this particular world in these particular regions):

The Fire Caves: a Picturer tells us how horses were created from the salt oceans
The Ice Caves: an Imager tells us how ice bears were formed from snow and ice
The Forest Caves: a Shaman of the forest elves tells us how squirrels were made by the trees themselves
The Desert Caves: a Sand Painter tells us how the desert sands created camels

Acrylics, ink, soft pastels

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