Monday, January 20, 2014

Soes and a New Journal

So I got this journal (Ranger/Dyan) when I had spent enough (read: too much) money at my favorite supply store here in the Netherlands. I immediately had a purpose for it. Children's illustrations! I started a writing course that enabled me to develop a character: Seven year old Soes (pronounce like (Dr.) Seuss). She hates unicorns. And yet she meets one by chance. Hilarious ^_^

Mixed media in journal.

"When Soes turned seven, her uncle Sato came over from Suriname.
He had brought a present. A stuffed animal. A unicorn! Soes hated it.
'It's magical,' Sato winked."

"'Well!' said Dad, 'then put that unicorn on your head!'"

"Soes looked disappointed.
This was no unicorn.
This was a fat, pink pony with a cone on its head.
See. Unicorns are stupid." 

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