Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holiday sketches

Ha! I finally managed to find time and will to upload some holiday sketches. Sorry for the delay, and so, without further a due, here they are!

One little note, though, keep in mind that all of them are mere sketches, nothing fancy, sorry.

First off, drawings from our last hiking trip in Austria. It was the toughest one, but also the one with the best views and awesome memories. This drawing is made from a cabin at about 3200 meters. We slept there and went on to the peak of a mountain nearby the next day. That peak was at about 3500 meters. Pretty high, trust me. You not only see the hight, you also feel it. There's less oxigen to go around, so you tire easily. Plus part of the hike went across a glacier, both on the way to as well as on the way back, since the cabin was slabbed against a rocky mountainside in the middle of the glacier. It's both awesome and frightening to walk across tons of ice. But we made it! As this drawing proves. Unfortunately I was too busy keeping up with my fellow hikers that I couldn't draw more on this two-day hike.

This drawing was made on our forelast hike. The peak we went to was at about 3000 meters and though not as high as the glacier hike, still pretty high, even though we started at about 2400 meters.

This is a color sketch of a landscape in Austria, made on site, just like the above sketches. The hike was great, but the views even better. I was lucky I'd brought my drawing stuff.

Same mountains in the background, different view, though. It was the same hike, yeah.

I also did some characters, at the campsite we stayed at. This is one of them. A little girl based on a girl I saw there. She had superblond hair in two pigtails, wore a skirt and had these huge hiking shoes underneath it. It looked so cute, haha! I just had to draw it.

Not much to say about this guy. Simply felt like designing a character with simple clothing. He turned out to look rather like a Native American person, at least I think so, but I don't know why.

Two black and white characters. I was bored and leaving through one of my drawing books I'd brought with me. They turned out pretty funny. I like the girl especially, but the Superbaby is funny and weird and, well, he's cool!

Another black and white one. Don't really have a name for him, either. He was supposed to go on a quest for me and have all kinds of adventures, but the story changed in my head, so he won't be in it now. Sorry kiddo.

PS: of course these were not all the drawings I made in Austria, though probably the bigger part. Maybe I'll post the others some other time. At the moment, though, I'm quite busy with two jobs and a take home exam... Sorry you guys.


Lotte said...

Yaay another update :) Love the sketches! Very different from what you've done before. And the native american kinda guy is cute, he looks like a character for the Twilight serie by Stephenie Meyer I'm reading right now (you should check it out, I am sure you'll like the series!!!)

Gina said...

Thanks and also for the Twilight tip! I've read about the series, so I really am curious what it's about. I check it out, definitely!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! New drawings! Very impressive! And also the hike...kudos for making it all the way :)

Maybe I should start on that twilight thing, I've heard so much about it as well. Normally I'd say, Lotte, can I borrow them from you? But that's kind of hard right now :)

Gina said...

Whiii, a message from the States! ;) Lol. And thank you!

And I think I'll just buy part one, I want to enlarge my book collection anyway ;)