Friday, August 8, 2008

August and Dried Rose

Finally! Some time to update some more. I see I've only updated twice in July, that's terrible! I hope August will make up for that, but I can't be sure. Still have an translation going on, of which the dead-line is August 12th, and then there's my part-time/student job. And since it's the holidays they like to plan me into the roster without consulting me much, so yeah. Hey, I'm not complaining, more work is always good, considering, but still, it's a lot of work, you know? (Wow, how many commas can one use in one sentence? Lol. If I did this in a translation I'd get my butt kicked... Seriously. But then again, this is so lovely unofficial. I love being unofficial, especially after having done so many things official lately.)

Anyhow, below here is ... well, it's supposed to be Gibbs, from NCIS. But he doesn't really look like it. I still like the character itself though, so I thought I'd post it anyway. Plus I like the line-art. I drew that gun from a photo on the cover of a encyclopedia I bought (you get it?). Yes, I bought an encyclopedia about guns... How bad is that. I like them, though. Not to kill, mind you, but they're interesting ... objects.

From left to right: Gibbs, Todd, and DiNozzo. Or, in other words, Jethro, Kate, and Tony. Drew this one from a (well-known) picture on one of the DVDs. So it's not really original, but I like how the line-art turned out. Kind of comic-y.

And last but not least; a rose! It's a dried rose, mind you, so it wasn't my fault. I drew it from a real-life dried rose I kept from a bouquet. Done with my wonderful new Prismas! Still love 'em! And they work fantastically!


Lotte said...

Wow, I love the rose!! It looks so realistic. Great job :)

Gina said...

Thanks! I thought it turned out well, too! I'm so in love with those pencils ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your prisma's are still as amazing!!

Gina said...

Lol, of course they are! Prismas never cease to be amazing ;)