Sunday, August 17, 2008

Doodles and Things

Made some stuff again. Nothing extraordinary or anything, but still fun.

This is Mi, and yes, they're based on Me, go figure...
The colored version is basically wearing my work outfit, except for the high heels, I rarely wear high heels, so especially at work (where I have to stand/walk all the time) I won't wear them. But I thought they were a nice touch. For those who know me in real life, no, I haven't painted my hair purple, but again, it looks cool, lol.

And this is a comic scene I made. It's based on NCIS, but not quite NCIS, though it could've been, I suppose. No existing scene, anyway. They could be Tony and Ziva, but then they don't really look that well... So I'm just telling you that these are (very original) characters I came up with myself and put them in a (very original) scene I came up with as well... And you'll just have to believe me, ha!
Please note the (very) sarcastic undertone...

It was cool to make, though.

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