Friday, August 22, 2008

Illustration course

For those who don't know yet, I'm taking this illustration course (which, sadly, I haven't finished yet, but I'm getting there, lol). For this course I had to do a 'fantasy' assignment, using elements of the human figure. I was supposed to pick a model, but I had done a similar thing in one of my dummies when I was still in art college, so I decided to simply elaborate on that one. I really like the outcome and intend on doing this more often, but with different objects.
Anyway, hope you like it, too!

The line-art version...

...And the colored version!

It's titled fEmail, but don't ask me why. That just came to me when I made it, lol.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love these! Do more of them, please. I like these kind of abstracty fantasy things with a link to reality. (as I see them anyway)

Gina said...

Thanks! Yes, I think it's called half-abstract (or in Dutch, anyway). I'll definitely do more, but I have to finish a few other things first (an A3 portrait in b/w for a colleague and that course... lol). Hopefully I'll be able to post something similar soon.
Thanks for the comment!

Lotte said...

I like this work a lot as well! Especially the purple colors of course, lol. But it's also something I haven't seen from you before, which I love :D

Gina said...

Thank you! With all the compliments I'll definitely make more of them ;) And I really like the colors in this one as well, especially as combination.