Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NCIS again!

Well, drew part of this from a picture, which can be found here and made part of it up myself. I enjoyed doing this. Adding details and stuff. It's fun. Plus, since I didn't recognize the original scene, I made my own story to go with it.

What happened here? He was obviously hit on the head with the blunt object on the table, but what else? Why is he clutching his chest? If it would've been a heart attack of some kind, and he would've been hit post-mortum, there wouldn't be any blood, or not as much anyway. Was he having pain first and hit later? Was he dead immediately after the hit? What's the paper slip Gibbs is holding? Who is the guy standing in the front? So much fun! Lol, I actually pay attention when watching the series.


Lotte said...

I'm not into the series, but you make me curious with all your questions lol :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not commenting for a while, but I really liked this drawing, especially because of all the questions you can ask yourself when looking at it. Toppie! ;-)z

Gina said...

Thanks both of you. Those questions make it very interesting indeed ;) Which is why in most of my drawings something is happening/has happened and so most of them aren't very cheerful, lol.