Friday, February 27, 2009

IF expired ones

Well, I have been busy with school and things (one of which was a commission: design a leaflet with a VW van on it. I will post it as soon as my commissioner give the green light, lol). And anyway, I missed way too many IF deadlines, but I did them anyway and decided I'll still post them. So here they are!

This one was done for the topic Time and it is a fairy tale my father once told me. A princess (when isn't there one in a fairy tale?) is an impatient spoiled brat and she celebrates her birthday. From a fairy woman (or witch, I'm not sure) she receives a pirn and she tells the princess that when the thread is pulled, time will fly by very fast. As in, you'll jump into the (near) future. So the princess says 'thank you' and forgets all about it, until something bad happens (a dragon or something, undoubtedly) and she wants to speed up time to get the whole thing over with. That's when she understands the convenience of it all and starts to use the pirn for everything that sucks in life: eating vegetables, going to the dentist, doing the dishes, those annoying feminine parts of the month... to name just a few. Anyway, time flies by fast enough to have the princess wake up one day and discover she's an old lady, without having lived at all (no obvious moral in this one, eh?). So she learns her lesson, the fairy woman turns back time and all is well with the world. And here we are, the princess on her bed with her pirn and her old self as a reflection in the mirror (I just had to point that out, sorry).

And this one's topic was Celebrate. Not much to say about it. This just popped into my head. I like the result.


Saskia said...

It's a good thing you pointed out that reflection, or I would have missed it. It does add a nice touch. Also, I think it's interesting how your celebrate picture (love the "font", by the way!) is in black-and-white, since colors are usually used in such happy pictures. But I liked it! Also liked your presence this afternoon :)

Gina said...

I know! *refers to the b/w comment* lol. But yeah, celebration is usually colorfull and I have no idea why this came to my mind, but I loved it and so wanted to try anyway. And I loved your party, very nice people, all of them :) It's too bad not more of 'our' group could be there (although I doubt it would have fitted in the room, lol), but I hope everyone will get together again soon.

Lotte said...

Love the story!!!! Where did your dad get that from? As Sas said before, it's good you pointed out the reflection, because I didn't see it either, until you mentioned it, lol.

Like the celebration picture as well. Especially because it is black and white, I like black and white for some reason :)

By the way, you finished the assignment for Klaas already? Nice! I'm so curious!

Gina said...

My dad got the tale from a reverend at the church, who told it during preaching. I have no idea where the reverend got it from, but I'm sure Google can help ;)

And as for the commission, check the newest post! :D