Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Queen's Day cards

I'm going to sell some of my stuff. Through the internet, if people want, but I'll also be standing in Egmond Aan Zee during Queen's Day. That's a Dutch holiday, celebrating the birthday of the queen (Beatrix). Actually, the date is not quite her birthday and there's a whole story behind it. If you want to know more, check this page (Eng.).

Anyway! I'll be selling some paintings, like Joseph, The Queen of Sheba, A boy's dream and some cards. The first few cards I'll post below, but there will be more. Again, if you want one, you can also place an order by posting here or e-mailing me.

The paintings will be € 15,-
A double-sided painted card will be € 4,-
A single-sided painted card will be € 3,-
A digitally designed card will be € 1,-
A set of 10 digitally designed cards € 6,-

Painted with acrylics. Birthdayboy!

Painted with acrylics. Horsey!

Painted with acrylics. Beach!

Painted with acrylics. Lemonade!

Digital design. An invitation! (translation: "will you be joining me for honey?")

Digital design. A happy birthday card.

Please note that I ordered prints of the digital design cards. I do not know yet how they will turn out.

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