Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally an Update + Dedication

I'm so, so sorry for my lack of posting here.

I've been working on my dissertation/MA thesis (I never know the difference between those two) and quite busy with choices and other 'my future'-related stuff. For your information, I'm going to do one more master, the educational one. I'll be teaching English and a subject that translates into Culture and Art, which is awesome. I'm really looking forward to my next, and final, year.

Anyway, I do have an image!

This one is to my friends, my RU buddies. They got me this awesome sketchbook from Disneyland Florida and I decided to dedicate its first image to you. I'm going to use this sketchbook for Disney images only; to practice them.
I know not all of you were part of the Florida crew, but all of you do support me greatly with this art business of mine, so many, many thanks go out to all and everyone of you. Seriously, I don't know where I would've been - art wise - without you.

Some info on the image: that little booklet there I got in Boston and have kept with my Prisma pencil box ever since. It's an inspiration as well as a fond memory. I used Prisma colored pencils to color the image.
I also know the image isn't perfect, but oh well, it will do. I didn't make this image up myself, but drew from an existing one - as I said, the sketchbook will be for Disney practice, and so practice it is.


Saskia said...

Gina, great that you're following your dreams whatever way you can. Thanks for being part of our group :)

Gina said...

And thank you for exactly the same :D