Thursday, July 16, 2009

Purple Lady

Behold, my purple lady.

She's only called that, because I couldn't find a name for her that suited, so yeah, purple lady it is.

Did this one with Copic markers. I finally used them again! Yay! I found that if I start with a new medium, practice it for a while and fail pretty hard, that if I take a (long) break from that medium and start using it again a while later, I suddenly know how. Which is odd, but hey, it works.

Oh, and her ruffles at the bottom disappeared, but you'll just have to imagine them then.

Her outfit I got from a little book called Kleding en mode in kleur 1550-1760 (Clothing and Fashion in Color 1550-1760) and stems from around 1678. I did change the colors, though, and adjusted the outfit just a bit.

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