Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Artist first and foremost

Yeah, well, a little personal self-pic. I'm studying American Studies/Translation English-Dutch/Dutch-English at the moment. Tried art college, but unfortunately that didn't work out. Thing is, I can't stop drawing (as you will have seen, if you read/saw the other posts). I love it so much, it almost hurts. And yes, that's a cliché, and I never thought it possible with something other than a person or pet, but apparently it is. I simply love doing it.

I just finished drawing this one and added the other drawing (which can be found elsewhere in my blog) in Photoshop.


Lotte said...

It's beautiful! I wish I had a talent like yours...unfortunately I kinda still have to find it, if it's there in the first place lol.

Gina said...

Thanks! And I'm not sure about the talent... Took a lot of practice, I'll tell you that. So maybe if you start now ;P no, just kidding, because your art is awesome too. The use of color, composition, the program of course... I'm a total Photoshop layman, haha! Oh, and I'll e-mail you about the NCIS wallpaper.