Friday, May 16, 2008

Cat 'n Rabbit

A painting! Wow! Miracles do exist!

I'm sorry, I'm just more a pencil-and-paper kind of person, not so much a painter on big canvasses. So this is quite an achievement for me, hurray!

These are our cat and rabbit, the rabbit being chased, but not letting itself get caught. In real life, though, she kind of slumps down into a little heap of black fur and lets the cat do what it wants. Which is to play, at the moment, since the cat is still very young.

Hope you like it!

And another miracle! I figured out how to make a vid. Kind of... It's made with the drawing from Ducky's Realm and it kind of follows the first shots of the NCIS episode Bete Noir. The music isn't mine, they're files I found on the computer, so I guess it's standard Windows stuff. So yeah, my first attempt. I'm going to try to do some animation, but wanted to try this first, just to see how everything works and all.

The quality deteriorates as the short vid progresses, because I zoomed in on the drawing digitally (instead of making new drawings), so that's why. If I wanted to do this right, I would have to make new drawings for each shot. Maybe I will, someday...

But I was a little exited about me figuring this out, so that's why I posted it, even though the vid itself is pretty sucky. Sorry about that. Hopefully, (much!) better ones will follow.

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