Thursday, May 1, 2008


Okay, since my last post a few hours ago, I decided to balance it out. I've got one cheerful drawing now and one action drawing (which is, more often than not, not so cheerful).

This drawing is inspired by a Dutch holiday, Queen's Day. It's the day our queen celebrates her birthday (though her birthday isn't on that day, April 30th, but her mother's birthday was). Anyway, tried to make it all happy, and inserted an American flag, instead of an orange or Dutch one. Suppose that would make it a 4th of July kind of thing.

A comic-like approach to someone being caught (and trying to catch in return). FREEZE! would be the right term here. Tried a limited palette on this one; greys, black, and browns, and leaving the skin the color of the paper, which is an off-white.

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