Thursday, May 22, 2008


An update! Yay! I finally made something worthwile your time.

Actually, it's an assignment for myself, to practice panels in comics. Something that's really hard, as it turns out. Of one scene (made up, mind you) I made three short comics, all with different kinds of panels and different points of view. Personally, I like the first one (top to bottom) the least (which isn't a surprise, since that one is really the practicing part), and of the last two I think I favor the last one, but I'm not entirely sure... Lol. It would make sense, though, improving as you go along and the last one being the best. But I dunno, oh well.

Anyway, the scene is about a girl being saved from a burning building. All she could do was go up, to the roof. But how do you get down from there? Right, by helicopter. However, the thing couldn't land on the burning building, due to danger of the whole thing collapsing, so she had to go by rope (and no, that's not the regular emergency heli, like Medicopter... It's a helicopter they could get there the fastest, but unequipped for this sort of thing). Since the chopper couldn't land in the middle of the city either, she had to drop herself, from a considerable height... brrrr.

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