Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, here it is then, my first attempt at Ducky's realm. It's rather blue, but that's the whole point. Too bad scanners aren't that good with blue, so a lot of the lighter hues have disappeared, making the total picture look pale. But oh well, it's just a practice sketch anyway. There are also some missing details and added other ones, which really don't belong there, but I'll call that artistic freedom... Please keep in mind, though, that this was drawn from a film still, so the framing and all is fine, but there's no direction (yet), just so you know.

But I'll tell a bit more about the episode I'm trying to 'comicize.' It's Bete Noir, from season one (hence Gerald and Kate). Why? Because it's a pretty important ep from the first season (and, as I said before, the only season I've got so far). It introduces Ari, who will have an important role in season two. So yeah, that's why.

Behold! Ducky's realm.

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Anonymous said...

Als ik nog potloden voor je mee moet nemen uit Amerika moet je even mailen welke je wil hebben (zo gedetaileerd mogelijk graag...dan is er minder kans dat ik met de verkeerde terugkom). Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je NCIS strip, ik ken seizoen 1 niet dus dat is een leuke manier om de achtergrond van Gibbs en Ducky enzo te leren kennen!