Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, another one! Lol, they keep coming, don't they? She's simply dubbed 'she' because I don't have a name for her yet. Who knows, maybe I'll stick to 'she,' I kinda like it anyway.

But oh well, I saw her in a dream last night. It was very weird, because the dream was all about drawing and animation (I get those a lot lately). And so I saw her on a piece of paper, drawn in red. I thought I could give it a shot and voila! Not exactly like the one from my dream, but close enough. I tried to go for a Disney type of feel/look, and think I succeeded in a way. Also, I'm getting the hang of my tablet and digital drawing. That's a good thing! Although I will never put my paper and pencil away, never.

So, enjoy! (I certainly did).

Oh, and I kept the texture of the paper and (some of) the red pencil lines for the mood of the drawing. I thought they made it look quite nice.

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