Friday, May 2, 2008


I'll have to admit, it's a sad topic again. Can't help it, really, there's no drama in happiness...

Another confession, this is a sort of fanfiction thing have in my head. I'm trying to put it into pictures and words, instead of words alone. Again, it's NCIS related.

This girl is sixteen years old and has just lost her father, a captain in the navy. He died in the war in Iraq, apparently under no suspicious circumstances. At first. And so, since his death seemed unsuspicious, no autopsy was conducted. At first.

The girl, who lost her mother to cancer when she was six years old, is now an underaged orphan. She is placed into a foster home. However, she does not feel like doing so and flees.

Yeah, well, not so much yet and definitely not researched or anything, so go easy on me. I just needed a subject to draw.

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